The Nostalgic Bean


The Quality

We serve only the best; from fresh-roasted coffees, to scratch-made soups, sandwiches, and baked goods.  We want you to remember what food used to (and should) taste like!  

We are happy to source many items locally, including meats from Rump's Butcher Shoppe just down the street from us, as well as Forage Kitchens's grain bowls, eggs and chicken from Amanda's Eggs & Pasture Poultry and premium coffees courtesy of Honest Roast Coffee and Backroads Coffee.


The French Bakery

We serve authentic French bakery goods (hence the "boulangerie" in our logo!), made from scratch, in-house.  We specialize in foods you're not going to find everywhere, including our special lavender-vanilla shortbread, homemade English muffins, and croissants, as well as featured items including madeleines, macarons, and tarts. 


The Nostalgia

Altoona is a railroad town, and we think it's important to remind our community of its history and how it was built.  Because of this, inside you'll find historic Altoona photographs and c.1900-1925 decor, in keeping with when the building was constructed.  We also want the food, atmosphere and aromas inside to remind you of places you've been that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling, whether it's a favorite trip overseas or just hanging out in Grandma's kitchen.